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Adam’s Apple Surgery

Adam's Apple Surgery

Dr. Deschamps-Braly is the world's foremost leader in Adam's apple augmentation for FTM transgender surgery. He recently invented a groundbreaking new .
The size of the Adam's apple can be reduced significantly with a surgical procedure known as a tracheal shave, thyroid cartilage reduction, or Adam's apple reduction.
Chondrolaryngoplasty (commonly called tracheal shave) is a surgical procedure in which the thyroid cartilage is reduced in size by shaving down the cartilage through an incision in the throat, generally to aid those who are uncomfortable with the girth of their Adam's apple.
The Adam's apple will become visible because of this increase of the size of the voice box cartilage.. You can have your Adam's apple removed by undergoing a procedure that is part of facial feminization surgery, namely: a tracheal shave, also called Adam's apple removal.
Tracheal shave Trachea shave, Adam's apple removal is the feminization surgery for the neck. Get rid of this unsightly male feature that can give you away.
The Adam's apple is the result of prominent thyroid cartilage that enlarges at puberty. The goal in Adam's apple reduction surgery is to reduce the prominence of .

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